Tuesday, July 8, 2008

If it's Monday, it must be my arm...

In the past year, I've made some real improvements to my Rebif routine. I stick to a schedule for rotating injection sites so I don't have to record the locations on my calendar anymore. We do an arm on Monday, midsection (love handle or tummy) on Wednesday and wrap up the week with the easiest of all, top of the thigh. I try to remember which side we used the prior week and alternate but it's OK if we goof since it's been at least 7 days no matter what. This system has really cut out a lot of work (staring at my skin, trying to remember where we did it last, scribbling on the wall calendar in the kitchen late at night) and has made my life easier.

Wall calendar in kitchen, originally uploaded by Cynthia in SF.

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Lazy Julie said...

I found your blog from Denver Fashionista. I take Rebif, too, but I break the rules. I alternate between the left and right side of my belly only. It seems that my belly is the only area that doesn't bruise. Also, I don't take it out of the fridge too far in advance and it doesn't hurt as much.
Lazy Julie