Tuesday, January 13, 2009

And to think I voted for him...

Excerpt from Barbara Walters' Exclusive Interview with Barack and Michelle Obama:

WALTERS: I have one final, very important question. I, Mrs. Obama, I sent you a picture of my dog, Cha Cha…


WALTERS: Who is a Havanese, and a very perfect dog, and…


WALTERS: Cha Cha. Cha Cha is a dog, he's a Havanese, he's from Havana…real name is "Cha-cha-cha."

BARACK OBAMA: Cha-cha-cha.

WALTERS: Yeah. (overlap)

BARACK OBAMA What is a Havanese?

WALTERS: Oh, it's like a little…it's like a little terrier. And they're non-allergenic, and they're the sweetest dogs in the world.

BARACK OBAMA: But, but it's a…it's like a little yappy dog.

WALTERS: Yeah, you don't want (overlap)…

MICHELLE OBAMA: Don't criticize.

BARACK OBAMA: Yeah, it like sits in your lap and things?

MICHELLE OBAMA: (Overlap) Yes, it's a cute dog. (Laughs)

BARACK OBAMA: It sounds kind of like a…a girly dog.

MICHELLE OBAMA: We're girls. We have a house full of girls.

WALTERS: We know… we…what about whatever you were saying?


BARACK OBAMA: Well…well, we're gonna have a big, rambunctious dog.

WALTERS: Okay. Well, what (Overlap)…

BARACK OBAMA: Of some sort.

WALTERS: What I was wondering, is are you being inundated with pictures of funny-looking dogs? I mean, is everybody like me? Is everybody sending you a picture of their dog?

MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah. I mean, yes, we are (overlap)…

BARACK OBAMA: As a matter of fact…

MICHELLE OBAMA: …getting lots of (overlap)…

BARACK OBAMA: We're getting more advice about this than my economic policy. (laughter)

No doubt about it.

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