Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cute new glasses, bad news and confirmation of suspicions

I ordered really cute but kind of wild glasses today at Through The Hayes in Hayes Valley. They're red and purple! I failed the peripheral vision test but the really nice optometrist tried to downplay it and told me that together my eyes will make up for the blind spots in my vision. Lately, I've been telling my husband that it feels like my eyes are crossing. They don't actually cross, but it feels like I'm staring at the bridge of my nose. The really nice optometrist and I laughed every time my eyes nearly crossed when she would change the viewer from a single eye to both eyes looking. She said my eyes don't actually cross and that I'm working hard not to. Makes sense and I'm glad someone else can see it 'cuz I knew it was happening. Not sure if this is something new or just something I'm noticing lately. On the positive side, I passed the color blindness test in both eyes, something I failed in July.

I think these might be my glasses but I'm not positive.

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Lazy Julie said...

Hey Pook - It's nice to know someone else gave up driving and appreciates a great pair of glasses. :-) I have to go see an optometrist that my neuro-opthalmologist referred me to. He said she'll be able to help me correct what I can correct and won't waste time trying to correct the uncorrectable optic nerve stuff.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Lazy Julie