Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Lexi's schedule

Lexi is currently waiting for the mail delivery. It's a very important part of her day.

Rather than try to fit our mail through that tiny slot, our mailperson has realized she can just shove it under our door through the big gap between the door and the floor.


Munchy in EG said...

Nice to see Lexi takes her job seriously.

Pook said...

It was so exciting when the mail finally arrived today. The mailperson rang the doorbell because there was a little package (Andrew's booties!) and Lexi peeked out the doorway at her while I grabbed the mail from her. I told the mailperson how Lexi waits for her. Then, after I shut the door, I noticed Lexi still waiting for the mail to arrive. I don't think any of it registered in Lexi's little walnut sized brain. Oh well.