Saturday, July 5, 2008

New window boxes!

IMG_1345, originally uploaded by Cynthia in SF.

The window boxes at Smith & Hawken that I've wanted since we moved in went on sale so we got them! They fit the space perfectly and I'm really excited to plant them. I'm thinking about using blue, white and purple flowers. I'm trying to find a good trailing plant to trail over the sides, too.


Barbara said...

What did you end up planting? My NYC flower boxes would dry out so quickly that plants would wilt in the evening even if I'd watered in the morning. I finally ditched exotic hopes (moon flower, for example) and planted Nierembergia, with its little purple or white flowers that are "both heat and drought tolerant" as they say. It grows profusely and can sort of spill over the sides.

Pook said...

The window boxes are STILL empty. Even empty, they look better than what was there before but I'm sad that I haven't been able to plant anything yet. I don't drive or have a car (terrible vestibular problems, more on that later) so it comes down to the weekend when my husband can take me to the nursery or when my mom is here helping out. In the midst of my "sensory FLAIR" which I think means extreme nerve pain and no disability/movement stuff, I caught a cold AND things got crazy at work. I'm pretty much recovered from the cold, it doesn't seem like it started yet another FLAIR and the sensory FLAIR is under control. Long way of saying, the window boxes are up next. My mom is coming next week and we're plotting a trip to Annie's Annuals in Richmond, CA. I'll take pictures of the nursery (I'm sure it's really cool) and the resulting window boxes.

Nierembergia must be an East coast plant because I've never heard of it. Either that or we can it something else. I'm leaning toward lots of sweet alyssum because it grows well and re-seeds itself so it should live and even reproduce. We'll see!