Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Has anyone read this book?

Amazon.com: The MS Recovery Diet: Ann Sawyer, Judith Bachrach: Books

Any feedback regarding this book and diet? I had never heard of it until this morning. I followed the Swank diet the first year after I was diagnosed but have fallen back to eating whatever. I can't say that the Swank diet made a huge difference. It's very tough to tell about these things because you feel so different each day anyway. What drives me crazy are all the testimonials describing disability and amazing transformation. Um, isn't that what happens? I was in terrible shape and had trouble walking but I have almost 100% recovered with PT and hard work. I mean, recovery is not always possible but periods of increased disability followed by recovery pretty much sums up my MS experience.


mdmhvonpa said...

Don't believe the hype ... don't buy. You can get the same information on the web without paying for it. This stuff really ticks me off.

Joan said...

There is some validity to watching your diet if you are sensitive to foods such as dairy, sugar, or gluten. I'm not one of those people.

I intentionally did not read this book because I don't believe there is a cure-all diet. Here is a link to a paper by the MS society, where they say that we need a balanced diet low in fat and sugar, the same as healthy people have to do. http://www.nationalmssociety.org/download.aspx?id=1371

Here is a good summary from Copaxone's web site:

"A well-balanced, planned diet can help keep you as healthy as possible. But going on a special diet might not be the best plan. Multiple sclerosis specialists recommend that people with MS follow the low-fat, high-fiber diet that is recommended for the general population. There isn’t enough evidence that a special MS diet actually has any benefit. So even if friends or colleagues tell you about a diet that can “cure” multiple sclerosis, remain skeptical. Eating regular, well-balanced meals has been seen to have benefits in living with multiple sclerosis—and is not that hard to achieve with a little planning."

Pook said...

Yeah, I think I'll skip the book and just try to clean up my diet. I've been happier the past year or so avoiding MS books and endless internet searching about MS. It was pretty scary though that my version of Swank really just came pretty close to what you should eat as a healthy diet. The normal American diet is pretty bad, mine included. My year on Swank opened my eyes to the bad food & saturated fat I was eating.