Saturday, June 21, 2008

Very first post!

My very first post for my own blog will actually be Apartment Therapy San Francisco's post of my garden from a couple of weeks ago.

Here's a link:
Apartment Therapy San Francisco | SF Flickr Finds: Cynthia in SF's Garden

And here's what they posted:

SF Flickr Finds: Cynthia in SF's Garden


Today we found some garden photos in our Flickr account. There aren't any captions, but it sure looks as if Cynthia in SF has a green thumb...

6-6-cynthia1.jpg 6-6-cynthia2.jpg 6-6-cynthia3.jpg 6-6-cynthia6.jpg 6-6-cynthia7.jpg 6-6-cynthia8.jpg

Thanks, Cynthia in SF!

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